Weight Loss Treatment in Bangalore

Weight Loss Treatment in Bangalore Weight Loss Treatment in Bangalore

Weight Loss Treatment in Bangalore

How Do I Find A Weight Loss Clinic In Bangalore?

You can find a weight loss clinic in Bangalore by asking for referrals from your primary care physician, searching online healthcare platforms, checking with local hospitals and clinics, or consulting medical directories. Many scamsters promise quick-fix through miraculous supplements or weight-loss belts, etc. Good weight loss clinics have dieticians, nursing staff, and a physician or an endocrinologist to guide you through the weight loss process. You need to visit a weight loss clinic wherein you will get help based on the scientific work done in bariatrics. You can consult the expert specialists for weight loss at Magna Centre. 

What Services Does a Weight Loss Clinic In Bangalore Typically Offer?

Weight loss needs intensive behavioural modification and expert advice. Weight loss clinics usually offer support for lifestyle modification apart from doctor consultations. At Magna, the diet coaches provide customized diet plans to maintain a caloric deficit. Exercise coaches guide you regarding aerobic and muscle-strengthening physical activity. In addition, the treating physician may consider medications for weight loss in the case of failure to lose weight through lifestyle modification. 

Is A Doctor's Referral Necessary To Visit A Weight Loss Clinic?

While a referral is not always necessary, having one from your primary care physician can be beneficial for a more coordinated approach to your treatment. It is important to screen comorbidities like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and sleep apnea in people with obesity. Suppose you have diabetes mellitus; additional medications might be required to control glucose levels, or dose reduction might be necessary if you are restricting carbohydrates in the diet. 

If we proceed to intensive lifestyle programs in the background of an undiagnosed cardiac disease, we may land into an acute cardiac condition. There are certain hormonal causes of excessive weight gain, like cortisol excess and thyroid hormone deficiency. The endocrinologist at Magna will ask you to get tested for these conditions if you have any clinical features of these conditions. At Magna Centre, a top weight loss clinic in Bangalore, you can get the best assistance for weight loss.

How Much Should My Weight Be?

Each individual is different concerning their body physiology. There is no magic number for the weight target. However, a BMI [body mass index = weight in kg/(height in cm)2] of 18-23 kg/m2 is considered in the normal range for Indians. However, BMI is not a good target as it does not consider weight composition. The bioelectrical impedance method or a DXA scan will be able to assess your body composition. A fat content < 33% for females and < 20% for males is considered healthy. We can use body weight and BMI targets whenever these sophisticated methods are unavailable. 

What Should I Expect During My First Visit To A Weight Loss Clinic?

At Magna, a top weight loss clinic in Bangalore, you need to visit the clinic along with your past medical records. A detailed assessment of height, weight, BMI, clinical history, lifestyle factors, and comorbid medical conditions will be done. If necessary, required blood investigations and screening of comorbidities common for persons with obesity will be done. You will be provided with a customized lifestyle plan after the assessment. If you have any comorbidities along with obesity, optimization of the medications will be done according to the new changes in your lifestyle. If you are already on a good lifestyle and not losing weight, you may be initiated on medications for weight loss. 

What Types Of Diets Are Recommended In Weight Loss Clinics?

Weight loss diets typically try to maintain a caloric deficit of 300-500 kcal/day. Even higher caloric deficit results in faster weight loss, although it may be more challenging. A balanced diet will have 40-50% calories as carbohydrates, whereas a keto diet contains low carbohydrates and high fat. The Mediterranean diet (emphasizing plant-based foods and healthy fats with low refined carbohydrates and meat) is considered one of the most nutritious diets. 

The diet plan for you will customized based on the caloric deficit needed, availability of various foods, your likes and dislikes towards food, etc. However, the restriction of usage of refined carbohydrates and empty calories like soft drinks, juices, and alcohol is uniform across various diet programs. To get a customized diet plan for weight loss, book a consultation with the expert specialists at the top weight loss clinic in Bangalore, Magna Centre.

What Types Of Weight Loss Treatments Are Available In Bangalore?

Magna Centre, a top weight loss clinic, provides the best and most effective weight loss treatment in Bangalore. Caloric restriction and exercise are the main pillars of weight loss treatment. In addition to diet and exercise-based interventions, medical and surgical therapies are also available. 

  • Medications such as GLP1 receptor agonists are available in oral and injectable forms and are the preferred medical option for weight loss. In addition, bariatric surgery is available in hospital settings. 
  • The amount and rapidity of the weight loss depends on how we choose to lose weight. Even if a person is considered for medications or bariatric surgery, it is vital to modify their lifestyle and continue with the lifestyle after weight loss.
  • In addition to scientific methods, treatments like liposuction, which removes fat from particular body parts, are also available. However, liposuction does not help with weight loss; fat usually reaccumulates in the portion where the adipose tissue has been removed. 
  • There are treatments like vibrating belts, and diuretics, which may produce a quick weight loss, but this is not due to fat loss and will rebound within a few days or weeks. 
  • There are a lot of complementary and alternative medicines, namely ayurvedic, homeopathic, Unani, etc., where claims are made regarding weight loss. However, we do not have clinical trials, and these claims cannot be verified. 

If you use any of these agents along with diet and exercise and reduce weight, your weight loss could be due to your diet and exercise per se. On the contrary, approved medical weight loss drugs have clear-cut benefits, and robust scientific methods have studied them and can be more successful than untested drugs. They are undoubtedly safer than alternative therapies for which no safety data is available. To get the best weight loss treatment in Bangalore, consult our expert team now at Magna Centre. 

Can Weight Loss Treatment Be Personalized To Address Specific Health Conditions?

The weight loss treatment in Bangalore provided by our experts is customized for the patients. Weight loss treatments must be personalized according to the health conditions that you might have. For example, if you have diabetes and advanced neuropathy or retinopathy, it is better not to start an aggressive program of exercise. Especially walking or running without protection for feet may result in injuries and diabetic foot infection.  

If you already have coronary artery disease, then starting an aggressive exercise program may trigger chest discomfort or breathlessness and result in hospital admission. In these cases, it’s important to start on medication, diet, and exercise. Having said that, weight loss is beneficial for almost all patients with chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disease, but it must be done under medical supervision.

What Is The Cost Of Weight Loss Treatment In Bangalore?

The cost of treatment depends on the treatment option. The lifestyle interventions and medical therapies will cost a few thousand per month. The price of the weight loss treatment in Bangalore will depend on the time spent by the diet and exercise coaches. MAGNA clinics have excellent online tools and DYI methods that can help you save money.  

Bariatric surgery is a single-time procedure and may cost a few lakhs depending on the type of surgical procedure. Since there can be variations depending on the kind of treatment and the location, it is always better to confirm with the clinic staff where you plan to visit. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Weight Loss Treatment?

Weight loss depends on factors like age, gender, starting point of weight, and type of intervention. Each individual is unique, and the weight loss pace can vary from person to person. Weight loss is seen gradually with lifestyle modification. We lose around 0.5 kg per week depending on the degree of caloric restriction and lifestyle activity.

Usually, 3-6 months are required for a 5% weight loss with lifestyle modification alone. Programs that promise significant weight loss over just a few days will likely be scams. Weight loss with medication or bariatric surgery tends to be faster. It is always better to see weight loss as a long-term process and incorporate the healthy lifestyle changes acquired during weight loss into our daily routine life as habits. If you want the best weight loss treatment in Bangalore, consult the expert specialists of Magna Centre now!

What Are The Potential Risks Or Side Effects Of Weight Loss Treatments?

Weight loss achieved through lifestyle modification is generally very safe with minimal side effects. Low-calorie intake may lead to easy fatigue, headache, and irritability until your body gets used to it. Maintaining adequate protein intake during weight loss is essential to minimize muscle loss during weight loss. 

GLP1 receptor agnoist usage can cause gastrointestinal issues like constipation. Low-calorie diets and bariatric surgery may cause deficiencies of vitamins and other micronutrients. It can lead to hair loss, decreased bone strength, reduced immunity with frequent infections, etc. 

Having an expert dietician with you during the weight loss journey helps you maintain a regular intake of vitamins and micronutrients. Bariatric surgery carries additional risks like wound infection, gall stones, intestinal obstruction, deep venous thrombosis, etc. To get a safe and effective weight loss treatment in Bangalore, consult the experts at Magna Centre. 

Magna Centre, an advanced Obesity, Diabetology, and Endocrinology centre is renowned as a top weight loss clinic in Bangalore. Our center is home to the best weight loss doctors and specialists. Visit us now!

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