Thyroid Doctor in Chennai
Thyroid Doctor in Chennai Thyroid Doctor in Chennai

Best Thyroid Doctor in Chennai

Who is a Thyroid Doctor?

Thyroid doctors are specialized doctors who study, diagnose, and manage patients with thyroid disorders. Thyroid doctor is a broad term that includes endocrinologists, thyroid surgeons, and nuclear medicine physicians. 

1. Endocrinologists suggest the necessary diagnostic tests and provide appropriate treatment plans depending on the diagnosis. 

2. Thyroid surgeons perform appropriate thyroid surgery when necessary. 

3. Nuclear medicine physicians perform scans to assess thyroid function and perform ablation therapy using radioactive iodine for patients with excess thyroid hormone or thyroid cancer patients.

If you need any assistance with thyroid problems or are looking for the best thyroid doctor in Chennai, you can book a consultation with the expert team of doctors at Magna Centre.

How is a Thyroid Doctor Different from a Regular Doctor?

Thyroid doctors deal with different aspects of managing patients with thyroid disorders. They are trained to diagnose and manage patients with thyroid disorders accurately. Thyroid doctors are more precise in diagnosis and treatment when it comes to thyroid issues. General physicians and family doctors usually refer to thyroid doctors whenever expert opinion is required. At our advanced facility, Magna Centre, you can consult the best thyroid doctor in Chennai, who provides comprehensive treatments after a thorough evaluation. 

When Do You Need Consultation with a Thyroid Doctor? 

If you have any symptoms suggestive of thyroid hormone deficiency or excess, you should visit an endocrinologist. You can see an endocrinologist or a thyroid surgeon if you have thyroid swelling without other symptoms. Symptoms of thyroid hormone deficiency include weight gain, constipation, fatiguability, dry skin, and cold intolerance. Symptoms of thyroid hormone excess include weight loss despite increased hunger, palpitations, excessive sweating, and tremors. You should also consult an endocrinologist or our best thyroid doctor in Chennai if you have thyroid problems and planning for pregnancy.

This is advised because uncontrolled hypothyroidism is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage and other complications.

Sometimes, you may find abnormal thyroid test reports when it is done as a part of an annual health checkup. Meeting an endocrinologist will remove the doubts in your head. However, these abnormalities in routine health checkups may occasionally identify serious illnesses. Your family doctor or general physician usually will refer you when you need to meet a thyroid doctor. You can also book a consultation with a thyroid doctor depending on the symptoms or abnormalities in the health checkups.

When is the Right Time to Visit a Thyroid Doctor in Chennai?

If you are dealing with any thyroid-related issues or suspect having one, you should consult our best thyroid doctor in Chennai. Thyroid doctors at MAGNA Centres are available on working days. You can make an appointment at your convenience by either filling out the online form on this website or calling the Appointment numbers in your respective city. Weekends are usually crowded at all our centers. 

So, choosing a weekday will give you more time with your doctor, typically, visiting your doctor early on an empty stomach is advised. Maybe helpful in getting lab work done at our Magna centres to diagnose your condition quickly and start the treatment immediately.

What is the Difference Between an Endocrinologist and a Thyroid Doctor?

Endocrinologists are doctors who treat patients with disorders of the endocrine system. The endocrine system consists of all endocrine glands, including the thyroid gland, which control various bodily functions like metabolism, growth and development, sleep, mood, blood pressure, etc. The endocrinologists are trained for an additional 3 years after completing their general medicine or pediatrics specialization.

The diseases dealt with by endocrinologists include diabetes, thyroid disorders, pituitary gland disorders, adrenal gland disorders, growth and pubertal disorders, and bone and mineral metabolism disorders. 

Thyroid doctor is a broad term that includes thyroid surgeons, nuclear medicine physicians also, in addition to endocrinologists. If you are specifically looking for the “best thyroid doctor in Chennai” or a “thyroid doctor nearby.” In that case, you can consult the expert thyroid doctors at our advanced medical facility, i.e., Magna Centre. 

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Thyroid Doctor?

It is important to know that the doctor is adequately qualified. Qualified endocrinologists have DM or DNB in endocrinology. Skilled thyroid surgeons have a degree of MS or MCh degree. Qualified nuclear physicians have an MD degree in nuclear medicine. You can verify the doctors' qualifications online and check their names in the state medical council. In addition, you can always enquire about the doctor using online review platforms and other patient testimonies. 

The presentation defines whether you should go to an endocrinologist or thyroid surgeon. Often, in situations like thyroid cancer, you need to follow up with different thyroid doctors as a part of a multidisciplinary team to provide you with the best care. You can contact a Magna Centre for great assistance from our team of skilled endocrinologists and the best thyroid doctor in Chennai. Our experts are here to help you. 

What Conditions Do Thyroid Doctors Treat?

Thyroid doctors treat excess and deficiency of thyroid hormone and thyroid swellings. In addition, there can be thyroid gland inflammation, leading to a temporary swelling and pain, which is called thyroiditis and usually self-resolving. If you have midline neck swelling, which is moving when you are swallowing, it is likely to be thyroid swelling.

Thyroid swellings can be benign or thyroid cancer. Sometimes, thyroid cancer can also present as swelling in the lateral part of the neck. 

Your family doctor or general physician will refer you to a thyroid doctor whenever such suspicion arises. You can seek assistance at Magna Centre, an advanced center home to the best thyroid doctor in Chennai. You must contact us now!

How will the Thyroid Doctor Diagnose My Problem? 

A detailed history will be taken to assess for symptoms of thyroid hormone problems, and a neck examination will be done. If you are having symptoms of thyroid hormone excess deficiency, your endocrinologist will typically ask for a thyroid function test. This is the very basic investigation that is required to find out whether you have a thyroid disorder or not. These reports are obtainable within a few hours.  Your endocrinologist will review the thyroid function test report and inform you whether your problem is related to the thyroid. If it is related to thyroid dysfunction, they may prescribe you the appropriate medication.

If you have thyroid swelling, your endocrinologist will ask for a thyroid function test and an ultrasound neck scan. If the ultrasound of the neck shows no risk of thyroid cancer and the thyroid function test is normal, you will be asked for follow-up without any medications. If the ultrasound scan shows some features to suggest cancer, you will be advised to get a test to extract thyroid cells and see in a microscope called fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC). Further course of action is determined based on the FNAC findings. If it turns out to be thyroid cancer, you will require the removal of the tumour by a thyroid surgeon. Those researching for a thyroid doctor near me or the best thyroid doctor in Chennai can book a hassle-free consultation with our experts at Magna Centre. 

What will be the Plan of Management if I have a Thyroid Problem? 

Our team of expert endocrinologists and the best thyroid doctor in Chennai recommends hormone replacement for thyroid hormone deficiency. Thyroid hormone excess is treated with medications, radioactive iodine, or thyroid surgery. Thyroid cancers are managed with thyroid surgery, radioactive iodine, and suppressive thyroid therapy. Thyroid doctors work as a team to provide the best management plan for patients. To avail of the benefits of these effective treatments, consult us at Magna Centre, advanced obesity, diabetology, and endocrinology centre now!

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