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How can I Find a PCOS Doctor in Chennai?

PCOS Doctor Consultation fees in 2024 Ranges from Rs. 700 in Chennai

You can find a PCOS doctor in Chennai in different ways. It includes asking for referrals from your primary care physician, searching online healthcare platforms like Practo, checking with local hospitals and clinics, or consulting medical directories. 

It can be difficult for a parent to choose the right PCOS doctor. There are a few parameters that help make this choice. The foremost is the qualification; a doctor with a DM endocrinology or MS degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology would be well trained in managing PCOS as they are trained rigorously in treating patients with PCOS. 

One can look at online reviews of endocrinologists who have previously managed patients with such disorders. This also can be useful, but more than anything, you’re comfort level with the doctor after the first consultation will determine whether you can continue with the doctor or not. The doctor should ideally explain to you the cause of the problem, treatment options, and risks and benefits of a particular approach. 

What Qualifications Should a PCOS Doctor in Chennai Have?

A qualified PCOS doctor in Chennai should be a licensed gynecologist or endocrinologist, ideally with additional training or specialization in PCOS and related hormonal disorders. PCOS can have several secondary underlying hormonal disorders. It is important to consult an endocrinologist to treat the root cause of PCOS and not just symptoms. Treating the root cause can sometimes be curative. These degrees are easily verifiable from online sources. Even the Medical Council of your local state has a website where all the doctor's qualifications are registered. Magna Centres has a team of qualified endocrinologists and PCOS doctors who can provide you with the best and most effective solutions. 

How Can I Book an Appointment with a PCOS Doctor in Chennai?

PCOS doctors at MAGNA Centres are available on working days. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience by filling out the online form on this website or contacting the appointment numbers in your city. Weekends are usually crowded at all our centres. So, choosing a weekday will give you more time with your doctor; typically, visiting your doctor early on an empty stomach is advised. Book an appointment with our best PCOS doctor in Chennai by contacting the doctor's office directly, using online appointment booking services on hospital websites or platforms like Practo, or through the recommendation of your primary care physician.

What is PCOS, and What Causes PCOS?

PCOS is a common hormonal imbalance in women characterized by irregular menstrual cycles, acne, hirsutism, and problems with fertility. The ovaries in ultrasound often have polycystic appearance, hence the name Polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS]. Different women with PCOS tend to have different combinations of the features of PCOS. 

  • The relative contributions of genetic factors, poor lifestyle, chemicals known as endocrine disruptors, etc., disrupt the delicate balance of the reproductive hormone axis, leading to the symptoms of PCOS. A significant portion of women with PCOS (70-80%) tend to be overweight and obese. 
  • Insulin resistance plays an essential role in the pathogenesis of PCOS. Patients with PCOS tend to have stigmata of insulin resistance, like darkening of the skin, especially in folds of the neck, armpits, and groins called acanthosis nigricans, skin tags, etc. 
  • There are secondary hormonal causes of symptoms, signs, and ultrasound appearance of ovaries like PCOS. 
  • Patients with thyroid hormone deficiency and excess of prolactin, cortisol, and growth hormones can develop symptoms of PCOS. However, they tend to have additional symptoms suggestive of the respective hormone disorders. At least hypothyroidism and prolactin excess are ruled out before coming to a diagnosis of PCOS. 

To check your PCOS, consult the top PCOS doctor in Chennai at Magna Centre. 

Can Lean Women Also Get PCOS?

Yes. Females who are overweight or obese tend to develop PCOS more commonly. However, PCOS can be a problem in lean females (BMI<25 kg/m2) also. Even skinny women with PCOS can have insulin resistance and an increased risk of metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases in the future. Some women with genetic conditions that run in families, like non-classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia, lipodystrophies, and insulin resistance syndromes, can present with PCOS in lean individuals. 

What can I Expect During my First Appointment with a PCOS Doctor?

The top PCOS doctor in Chennai of Magna Centre will assist you thoroughly from your first consultation.

  • You should bring your medical history, details of your menstrual cycle, any previous lab tests or treatments, a list of current medications, and any specific symptoms or concerns.  
  • A detailed assessment of height, weight, BMI, clinical history, lifestyle factors, and comorbid medical conditions will be done during the first visit. 
  • If necessary, required blood investigations and screening of comorbidities common for persons with PCOS will be done. 
  • Assessing the reproductive hormones in the early follicular phase, i.e., D2 or D3 of the menstrual cycle, is important. The PCOS doctor will review the investigations, and a comprehensive treatment plan will be provided depending on your primary concern, comorbidities, and lifestyle factors.

Book an appointment with us to avail yourself of the benefits of the best services for PCOS and its related issues. 

What are the Treatment Options for Women with PCOS?

There is no ultimate cure for PCOS. However, improvement in lifestyle and weight loss can lead to significant improvement in women with PCOS. The treatment approach followed by a PCOS doctor in Chennai at Magna Centre depends on the woman's primary concern at the presentation. 

  • Adolescent girls primarily come with issues regarding acne or irregular cycles. They benefit from oral contraceptive pills or anti-androgens along with lifestyle modification. 
  • Women planning for pregnancy with fertility issues need lifestyle modification and ovulation induction agents with or without metformin. 
  • Some women with difficulty to conceive may require in-vitro fertilization also. Women of all ages with PCOS need to be educated regarding potential long-term health sequelae, and the focus should be on dietary and exercise-based interventions. 
  • Patients with secondary causes of PCOS, like hypothyroidism, tend to improve with treatment of the primary hormonal disorder. 
  • It is important to screen for comorbidities like diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia. These comorbidities need additional consideration when we plan the treatment. 
  • PCOS females with diabetes mellitus will need oral drugs or insulin for glycemic optimization. 

Book a consultation with our PCOS specialists at Magna Centres to learn about the best treatment option. 

How Often Should I Follow Up with My PCOS Doctor in Chennai?

The frequency of follow-up visits depends on your treatment plan. Initially, it might be monthly or bi-monthly, but visits may become less frequent after stabilization. It is vital to continue lifestyle changes lifelong, even if symptoms of PCOS abate. 

Do I Need a Referral to See a PCOS Doctor in Chennai?

While a referral is not always necessary, having one from your primary care physician can be beneficial for a more coordinated approach to your treatment. Some insurance plans might require a referral for coverage purposes. You can directly consult a PCOS doctor when you are having symptoms suggestive of PCOS. 

To seek assistance from the best PCOS doctor in Chennai, visit our advanced Obesity, Diabetology, and Endocrinology centre, Magna Centre. 

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