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Thyroid Doctor in Hyderabad Thyroid Doctor in Hyderabad

Best Thyroid Doctor in Hyderabad

Who Is A Thyroid Doctor?

There is no official qualification for a doctor who deals only with thyroid problems. Typically, three kinds of clinicians will deal with thyroid issues. Clinicians refer to doctors to see patients. Surgeons who operate on the thyroid gland, either exclusively or predominantly, may refer to themselves as thyroid doctors. 

  • Endocrinologists are physicians who deal with thyroid issues as a significant part of their day-to-day work. Some endocrinologists may also be proficient at doing thyroid ultrasounds and FNAs of the thyroid gland. 
  • Nuclear Medicine Physicians are also an essential part of treating thyroid disorders. They are clinicians who carry out diagnostic tests on the thyroid using nuclear isotopes. They also can give curative treatments to various thyroid disorders like iodine, 131 treatment for hyperthyroidism and thyroid carcinoma. 
  • Thyroid Surgeons should qualify for MS ENT or MS General surgery. MCH qualification, which is a three-year training after MS General Surgery / ENT in either endocrine surgery or surgical oncology, will qualify your doctor as a proficient thyroid surgeon, but of course, more than the degree obtained, experience and volume of the surgeon matters for surgical outcomes. This can be verified through online reviews and hospitals' official websites. 

If you are looking for the best thyroid doctor in Hyderabad. In that case, you must visit the team of expert endocrinologists, thyroid surgeons, and nuclear medicine physicians at our advanced centre, Magna Centre. 

Things To Check Before Consulting A Thyroid Doctor In  Hyderabad

Before consulting a thyroid doctor, verifying whether the doctor is adequately qualified to see thyroid issues is important. They should possess a DM endocrinology qualification in MS or MCH or an MD degree in nuclear medicine to qualify as thyroid surgeons. These degrees are verifiable from online sources. Even the medical council of your local state has a website where all the doctors' qualifications are registered. This is the best way to find a thyroid doctor in Hyderabad or nearby areas. 

When To See A Thyroid Doctor?

Ideally, seeing your family physician for your symptoms is better than directly meeting a thyroid specialist. However, there are certain conditions where you can meet the thyroid doctor directly. 

  • If you have done a general health check-up that shows an abnormal TSH value, either too low or too high, then an endocrinologist can help you understand the issue.
  • If you have a swelling in front of the neck, which moves with swallowing, this is most likely to be a thyroid swelling, and you need to see a thyroid surgeon or endocrinologist.
  • If you have symptoms of hyperthyroidism like palpitations, sweating, and weight loss, then again, you can meet a thyroid specialist to see whether you need a thyroid function test. 
  • If you’re feeling freezing or have constipation or dry skin, meet a thyroid doctor again. It may be helpful to see whether your issues are due to thyroid problems.
  • Suddenly gaining or inability to lose weight could be a symptom of acute developing hypothyroidism, and it can be easily identified using the thyroid function.

You can consult our expert team of thyroid doctors and endocrinologists regarding these issues. At Magna Centre, our expert specialists involve a team of skilled endocrinologists and the best thyroid doctor in Hyderabad. The specialists thoroughly evaluate the symptoms to determine the condition's root cause. 

What Does the Thyroid Do?

The thyroid gland is an endocrine organ which produces a nuclear hormone called thyroid hormone. This hormone is one of the most primitive hormones in evolutionary biology and is found in most animals, including amphibians. It is essential for both development and growth. 

  • Development refers to the developing of various body organs from a single cell, the zygote. Before the fetus’  thyroid gland is formed, the mother's thyroid hormone is responsible for the development of various organs of the fetus. 
  • Once the fetus develops its thyroid gland, its thyroid hormone is utilised for further development. Thus, thyroid hormone deficiency that occurs during any of these processes can be very dangerous to the fetus. After birth, thyroid hormone is required for the child's normal growth until final. He is attained. 
  • A mild to moderate thyroid hormone deficiency can also slow the child's growth in adulthood. The thyroid hormone is required for various bodily functions like the pumping of the heart, maintenance of blood pressure, normal functioning of the brain, and normal functioning of all other endocrine organs. No organ is unaffected by a deficiency or an excess thyroid hormone. Unfortunately, thyroid disorders are prevalent, but fortunately, they are easily treatable.

How will the Thyroid Doctor Near Me Diagnose My Problem? 

The thyroid doctor near you can be either an endocrinologist or a thyroid surgeon. An endocrinologist will typically ask for a thyroid function test, the primary investigation. It is the first action step taken by our expert thyroid doctor in Hyderabad. It is required to find out whether you have a thyroid disorder. We have the facility to do thyroid function tests at all our centres and more centres. Thyroid function test reports are obtainable within a few hours. After that, the endocrinologist will review the thyroid function test report and inform you whether your problem is related to the thyroid. If it is related to thyroid dysfunction, they may prescribe you the appropriate medication.

When is the Right Time to Visit a Thyroid Doctor in Hyderabad? 

If you want to consult a thyroid doctor in Hyderabad, what could be better than Magna Centre? Thyroid doctors at MAGNA Centres are available on working days. You can make an appointment at your convenience by filling out the online form on this website or calling the appointment numbers in your respective city. Weekends are usually crowded at all our centres. So choosing a weekday will give you more time with your doctor, typically visiting your doctor early on an empty stomach. It could help get lab work done at our Magna centres to diagnose your condition quickly and immediately start the treatment.

Signs You Need a Consultation with the Best Thyroid Doctor in Hyderabad

Physical signs of thyroid dysfunction are considered to be non-specific. This means that the symptoms and signs you will experience are equally likely to be due to other disorders as they are due to thyroid dysfunction. For example, weight loss could be due to uncontrolled diabetes as well as due to overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism. A group of symptoms is more beneficial for you to suspect hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism rather than one particular symptom. 

  • In the case of hyperthyroidism, if you have symptoms of excess heart rate or palpitation along with weight loss and sweating, then this makes it highly likely that you have hyperthyroidism.
  • It is even more likely if you also have protrusion of your eyeballs and swelling of your thyroid gland. Still, the only way to make a firm decision is a diagnosis of overactive or hyperthyroid. The recommendation is to do a blood test. No doctor should prescribe an anti-thyroid drug without testing you for an overactive thyroid. 
  • Similarly, a combination of weight gain, swelling in the body, dry skin and constipation, along with muscle aches, can indicate hypothyroidism. 
  • Women could experience irregular menstrual cycles or excess bleeding during menses as well.

If you have only one of these symptoms, not the entire constellation, then it is less likely that you have hypothyroidism. Once you experience the symptoms, it is better to evaluate yourself by visiting the nearest Magna centres, where we have qualified endocrinologists and skilled thyroid doctor in Hyderabad. The doctor can look at your symptoms and signs and see whether they may be due to other disorders. Very often, our endocrinologists diagnose patients were suspected to have thyroid disease with other conditions. This is where the doctor's expertise matters.

Magna Centres has the best experts in the field of thyroid and is home to the top and the best thyroid doctor in Hyderabad. To get the maximum benefits, visit a consultation at Magna Centre now!

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