Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual Dysfunction Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment In Hyderabad

We are dedicated to providing the best effective male sexual dysfunction treatment in Hyderabad. We offer confidential and compassionate care to males experiencing sexual health issues at our center. Our skilled team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of disorders, from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation. We provide tailored treatment plans, cutting-edge treatments, and a supportive environment to assist you in regaining confidence and living a fulfilling sexual life. Our emphasis is your sexual well-being, and we are here to lead you toward a more satisfying and confident future.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Failure to maintain a stiff erection to have adequate or satisfactory sexual intercourse is called erectile dysfunction. In order to get the best male sexual dysfunction treatment in Hyderabad, you should get a proper diagnosis by a specialist doctor.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

  • Endothelial dysfunction related.  This is a condition that is usually precipitated by the presence of chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol the presence of the above dysfunctions for a very long time May cause erectile dysfunction
  • Neurogenic ED - This electrical dysfunction is caused by damage to the nerves that are supplying the penile area the commonest reason for this being long standing untreated diabetes certain other neurological conditions like severe vitamin B12 deficiency and spinal cord injuries can also cause neurogenic ED
  • Psychogenic -  This sort of erectile dysfunction occurs as a common complication of either depression or severe anxiety this can be accompanied by land  loss of libido that is loss of interest in sexual activity at all and also premature ejaculation
  • Venous insufficiency related - This sort of erectile dysfunction is a little rare and the treatment of this is usually done by a urologist or a specialist in andrology


  • Drug induced- This is another common cause for erectile dysfunction nowadays because of the presence of lifestyle related illnesses many patients would be using  polypharmacy some of which my directly cause erectile dysfunction for example  Prolonged use of antacids, chemotherapy related drugs, prolonged use of anti allergics And certain anti hypertensives
  • Hormonal ED-  This erectile dysfunction is Caused by deficiency Or excess of certain hormones.  For example hypothyroidism, testosterone deficiency or excess of prolactin and cortisol can cause erectile dysfunction

Can ED get cured?

ED symptoms are quite variable and may show improvement on their own, improving and then later worsening.  However, there are certain causes of erectile dysfunction that can be reversed for example hypothyroidism and testosterone deficiency. In the male sexual dysfunction treatment in Hyderabad, these causes are treated treating these causes can lead to improvement of erectile dysfunction excess of product and can also be treated easily certain offending drugs that are causing erectile dysfunction may be changed which may lead to improvement in symptoms

Lifestyle changes can definitely improve erectile dysfunction which are related to lifestyle related illnesses for example doing regular pranayama will help in relaxing the mind and tweeting depression and anxiety related erectile dysfunction .  Regular walking and following the dietitians  advice to control the metabolic imbalances in hypertension dyslipidemia and diabetes will also help in improving erectile dysfunction

What is the right time to meet a doctor for ED?

The earlier you recognize erectile dysfunction and meet the doctor ,the earlier the better the doctor will be able to treat you. So if you suspect erectile dysfunction please reach out to the doctor immediately.

The best doctor for treating a erectile dysfunction depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction probably for finding out the cause and appropriate referral to the appropriate specialist a qualified physician or an endocrinologist can help best.

How is ED treated? 

The management of erectile dysfunction involves a very detailed history taking.  The doctor will ask you about your background illnesses, he might inquire about your diet and smoking and alcohol habits he will take a detailed history as far as the drug intake is concerned. He may assess psychological symptoms that might be contributing to the Erectile dysfunction.  Erectile dysfunction needs to be differentiated from loss of libido and premature ejaculation which are totally different conditions and require different investigations and treatment  An endocrinologist might order some hormonal parameters that might point to easily treatable causes of erectile dysfunction; the commonly ordered tests  Include an 8 AM testosterone level, TSH and prolactin. The doctor might order tests pertaining to diagnosis of diabetes and high cholesterol. Once the diagnosis has been made the doctor will decide as to which specialist should treat the patient.

An endocrinologist usually will end up treating diabetes, hypertension dyslipidemia the correction of which will lead to improvement in erectile dysfunction often the most satisfying conditions that lead to complete reversal of a erectile dysfunction included hormone imbalance.That can be easily picked up and treated by an endocrinologist.

Symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction includes the use of certain drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors like Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Please enquire with the doctor about what the correct time for intake for these medications are. Sometimes the urologist may help with certain procedures which may be a simple intraurethral medicine insertion, penile injection or a more complicated process like a penile prosthesis.

What do we do in Magna?

In Magna, there is a concept of an andrology clinic. The first doctor that evaluates the patient is usually an endocrinologist, after which either he himself will treat the condition or refer to well qualified sexual counselors, psychiatrists or urologist depending on the cause .

ED is diagnosed by a standard questionnaire called IIEF5 - it refers to a short 5 point questionnaire that documents someone’s symptoms over the previous 6 months.

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