Weight Loss Treatment in Hyderabad
Weight Loss Treatment in Hyderabad Weight Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

Weight Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

What Types of Weight Loss Treatments are available in Hyderabad?

Weight Loss Treatment Doctor Consultation fees in 2024 Ranges from Rs. 900- Rs. 700 in Hyderabad

Bangalore, like any other city or a semi-rural town, suffers from the big problem of being overweight. This is due to the obese environment seen in all our towns where physical activity is limited and excess food intake is common. So many people in a city are naturally looking to reduce their weight and are seeking effective weight loss treatment in Hyderabad. There are many kinds of weight loss treatments available. Let’s learn about them:

Diet Change & Increased Physical Activity

The most scientific among these are the ones that focus on changing your diet and increasing your physical activity. Along with medication that can help you with weight loss, especially if you have other risk factors like hypertension or diabetes. 

Important Pointers to Remember

Liposuction Not a Weight Loss Treatment

In addition to obesity treatments, liposuction, which removes fat from particular body parts, is not a treatment for weight loss. Liposuction usually accumulates in the portion where the adipose issue has been removed. There are treatments like vibrating belts and diuretics that may produce a quick weight loss, but this is not due to fat loss and will rebound within a few days or weeks. 

So ideally, a weight loss program should involve the reduction of calorie intake and or increasing your physical activity. 

Complementary or Alternative Medications

There are a lot of complementary and alternative medicines, namely Ayurvedic, homoeopathic, Unni, etc., where claims are made regarding weight loss with the particular agent. However, this cannot be verified as no control studies are done using these agents. If you use any of these agents along with diet and exercise and reduce weight, your weight loss could be due to your diet and exercise rather than due to these agents. 

Medically Approved Medical Weight Loss Medications

On the contrary, approved medical weight loss drugs have clear-cut benefits, and robust scientific methods have studied them. These can be more successful than untested drugs, and they are undoubtedly safer than Ayurvedic Unni and homoeopathic medicines for which there is no safety data available.

Getting a diet plan from a skilled doctor or an endocrinologist is advised. To learn more about the effective weight loss treatment in Hyderabad, you must consult the experts at Magna Centre. 

Is a Consultation Required Before Starting a Weight Loss Treatment Program?

You should meet a good physician or an endocrinologist before you start your weight loss program. This is because, due to obesity, you may already have a cardiac condition or diabetes, which may require medical treatment. In addition to your diet and weight loss, sometimes starting an exercise program with an underlying cardiac condition can make you acutely symptomatic and end up getting you admitted to the hospital. 

So, if you have been inactive for a long time and want to lose weight, the best solution will be to meet a good endocrinologist. You can consult the Magna Center office, which has very good expertise in guiding patients with weight loss and is dedicated to providing effective weight loss treatment in Hyderabad. Of course, if you do not have any underlying disorders, your endocrinologist will encourage you to do the weight loss program. We at Magna also offer the services of well-qualified nutritionists and dieticians.

How long does a Typical Weight Loss Treatment program Last?

It is important to look at weight loss on a long-term basis. Programs that offer quick weight loss over a week or 10-day period are likely not beneficial in the long run. Typically, with a good diet and good physical activity, one can reduce half to 1 kg per week, which can be higher for some people and lower for others.


If you are unable to reduce weight at all despite trying hard, medication can help you with weight loss. Typically, even with medication and the best lifestyle modification, weight loss will plan two after a six-month to 1 year period. This is because the basal metabolic rate, or the rate at which your body spends energy while addressed, is reduced due to fat mass loss. For the most effective weight loss treatment in Hyderabad, you should consult our expert endocrinologists at Magna Centre.

Can Weight Loss Treatment be Personalized to Address Specific Health Conditions?

Weight loss treatments must be personalized to address specific health conditions. Any health conditions that you might have. For example, suppose you have diabetes and advanced neuropathy or retinopathy. In that case, it is better not to start an aggressive exercise program, especially walking or running, as it may injure your feet and cause vitreous haemorrhage. Moreover, if you already have coronary artery disease, then starting an aggressive exercise program may trigger chest discomfort or breathlessness and result in hospital admission. In these cases, starting on medication along with your diet and exercise is important. 

Checking these factors is our specialists' first line of action to provide the best and safest weight loss treatment in Hyderabad. Weight loss is beneficial for almost all patients with chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disease, but it must be done under medical supervision. 

What are the Potential Risks or Side Effects of Weight Loss Treatments?

Whenever we see a patient who is seeking weight loss treatment in Hyderabad or, for that matter, elsewhere, they have many questions. One common question they have is whether there will be any side effects or risks from the weight loss plan. Weight loss, in general, when achieved through diet and exercise, is very safe. But we need to consider two kinds of problems. One is due to the loss of lean mass along with fat mass. Lean mass includes both bone and muscles in the elderly when aggressive weight loss is attempted.

Bone strength and muscle mass may also reduce along with the body fat and cause muscle weakness or brittle bones, leading to fractures. 

Another unintended side-effect of rapid weight loss may be chronic hair loss called chronic telogen effluent. This is one of the reasons why an expert dietician should guide weight loss. Our expert team at Magna Center can help you with the most effective and safest weight loss treatment in Hyderabad. We can help you maintain adequate protein intake and avoid side effects like hair loss while losing weight if weight loss exceeds the intended, healthy range. It can also result in lower immunity and infections, so it is important to adhere to your doctor's advice regarding weight loss.

What is the Cost of Weight Loss Treatment in Hyderabad?

Weight loss requires intensive behavioural modification and expert advice. Diet coaches and exercise coaches can augment behavioural modification. Most scientific weight loss programs will offer either a dietician or exercise specialist. The cost of weight loss programs will be proportionate to the amount of time spent by the dietitian and the exercise therapist. Magna Centre provides excellent online tools and DYI methods that can help you save money. 

We offer diet and weight loss packages where an Endocrinologist and dietician are involved, and the dietician tracks your progress daily. We provide customised packages to get effective weight loss treatment in Hyderabad. To learn more, you may contact Magna Centre.

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