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January 16 , 2019
Co-Existence of Diabetes and Thyroid Imbalance

The Thyroid is an endocrine gland present in the throat, which is responsible for the production and balancing of the T3 and T4 hormones in the body that affect the functioning of the body cells, weight and mood swings... Read more

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January 17 , 2019
5 facts about thyroid hormone imbalance

The thyroid is an endocrine gland located in the throat that secretes two hormones – thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) into the bloodstream. These hormones are needed primarily by our body for the proper f... Read more

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February 10 , 2019
Thyroid: Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland situated in the throat. It produces hormones necessary for the proper functioning of the body. As it affects weight, metabolism, mood and even the functioning of the body cells,... Read more

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March 19 , 2019
Effects of Physical Fitness on Diabetes

Exercise is an absolute vital part of every individual’s lifestyle. Inculcating regular and adequate amount of exercise or physical activity in your daily routine is very important to stay healthy. This becomes m... Read more

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March 20 , 2019
How Proper Meals and Regular Medication Can Help Control Diabetes

The common problem With Diabetes, you are always overwhelmed with the continuous medication schedule and the compliance to eat healthy. One little indulging treat for the taste buds or a lazy moment in the medication s... Read more

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March 23 , 2019
Should Diabetics Eat Small Frequent Meals? Myth Buster

Being a diabetic patient is already an inconvenience and when it is topped with people’s unsolicited advises, it becomes even more unbearable. Everyone who advises us is trying to help in their way. But when thes... Read more

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April 07 , 2019
Myths and truths about relation between Diabetes and eye sight.

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?   There are several kinds of myths when it comes to diseases like diabetes. The repeated one which all of us have heard is – it is caused due to excess intake of sugar which is... Read more

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April 16 , 2019
Does a bad diet lead to vitamin D deficiency (osteomalacia)?

Eating nutritious food is essential for our body and our mind. Maintenance of a good nutritional status enables you to grow appropriately and enjoy a good and healthy life. It not only manages and maintains an ideal we... Read more

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May 07 , 2019
Keeping the body hydrated!!

Keeping our body fluid balance is an essential way of survival. More than 60% of our body is composed of water. In an adult men body fluid percentage consists of around 60% and in adult women is around 50%. In children... Read more

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