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January 01 , 2016

The Impact of the Obesity Epidemic

A recent study published in the reputed medical journal Lancet noted that India is the third most obese nation in the world, after the US and China. It also noted that almost a third of the world’s population is obese. These are frightening statistics and one can only imagine the burden of related metabolic disorders these numbers will bring with them.

Bad eating habits, increase in popularity of “convenience” (read, “junk) food, sedentary lifestyles and environmental impact all are culprits in this rising epidemic. Obesity is the harbinger of such related disorders as diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problems. The rapid pace of urbanization is also a major factor in the rise of obesity among the urban population.

People in cities are slowly waking up to the fact that their current lifestyle is detrimental to their long term health and they have started giving more attention to their routines. They are incorporating healthy diets and exercise regimen to their lifestyles and those with extreme cases of obesity are taking professional help.

Many individuals are taking expert help from weight loss clinic in Bangalore and other major cities. Obesity treatment in Chennai has shown significant rise in the last couple of years. Experts believe that young people working in sedentary desk jobs are more prone to obesity and its subsequent plethora of health problems. These are the individuals who are in the high-risk group and should take expert help.

A weight loss clinic in Hyderabad recently upgraded their infrastructure and had on call a number of specialist doctors since they were seeing a phenomenal rise in the number of patients that were calling on them. Obesity treatment in Hyderabad was on the rise due to the perceived health risks associated with obesity.

The epidemic proportions gained by obesity are scary. The need of the hour is to get expert help as early as possible and to live a healthy lifestyle.