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June 07 , 2018

If you are Over Eating, you need to know this.

Overeating has become a problem and a major concern today making it one of the clinical disorder where someone feels compelled to eat even when they are not hungry.

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. The food we take helps us grow, keeps us energetic and helps in developing resistance against various diseases. Therefore, eating healthy food assures you a healthy life and diseases free too. While having unhealthy foods and overeating leads to ill-health and irreversible health conditions.

You can easily find out that in many cases, overeating could be due to stress, genetic and emotional swings like anger, sadness,  distress, and betrayal. And to prevent all this, various kinds of dieting and sometimes fasting are suggested to people who are overeating.

It goes as simple as this when you eat more than what is required for your body, it leads to a condition where the body has to work more towards digesting the food and store the excess energy and fats for the later time.

Sometimes, one of the reasons for overeating is low self – esteem and self – confidence. Which make them a target for other people and generally obese people are subjected to uninvited gaze and ridicule. This often makes them stay at home a lot and not participate in social gatherings or society.

In some scenarios, excessive attachment to food and having too much of Junk food also makes you develop an insatiable craving for eating and can risk you into exposing you to numerous health risk and diseases.

But there are ways to avoid all this, you have to be careful if you see these symptoms in your loved ones. Such as Bad mouth, body odor, increased acidity and reflux disease. Overeating can also lead to lack of concentration and loss of memory. In some, the oil levels of the skin are affected leading to acne and others.

And if you want to avoid if from the start itself, then you have look out for your health and the kind of diet you keep for yourself. You need to start having a healthy lifestyle meaning regular health check-ups and monitoring body mass index(BMI). Avoiding junk food and concentrate on eating healthy food and exercising, if not then at least yoga. These things will help you avoid a lot of things.

And if you need more information about how to be healthy and avoid overeating and also sometimes under- eating which can lead to malnutrition. In any case, your life and your loved one life can be in danger so if you need more information and consultancy then you can visit Magna code for more information and better advice.