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August 01 , 2018

Dos and Don’ts during the Monsoon

The scent of wet soil, sound of heavy rainfall, that attention-grabbing thunder lighting and cool breeze surely lightens our mood and puts us in a state of joy and happiness. Monsoon season is undoubtedly the most peaceful and beautiful time of the year, but it is equally important to give some extra care to ourselves and build the resistance during this season. After the scorching heat and humid weather, we eagerly look forward to some refreshing cool weather which this season brings to us. During the chilled weather we genuinely enjoy sipping the hot cup of coffee with some pakodas, however, we must remember that this season invites many health problems too. So let’s not dampen the spirit to enjoy the rain and relish the joy of this season making it a memorable one keeping in mind few safety tips.


  • Healthy and Balanced diet – It is essential during this season to provide your body with healthy nutrients and vitamins to fight against infections and diseases. Consuming bitter vegetables like bitter gourd and herbs like neem help in preventing infections. Garlic in soup and other food items increases immunity.
  • Clean clothes and footwear – Taking a shower after getting drenched in the rain is a must. Avoid wearing shoes that keep your feet tight and suffocated that will lead to bacterial growth. Prefer wearing waterproof shoes or open sandals that will prevent microbial growth.
  • Hand Wash – Remember to wash your hand frequently before consuming any food. During monsoon, we are more prone to getting affected.
  • Purified water – It is highly advisable to drink only purified water, especially during monsoon. During this season one is more prone to fall sick with waterborne diseases drinking contaminated water. People usually drink less amountsof water during this season; therefore, the intake should also be kept in mind to keep our body well hydrated.
  • Carry umbrella or raincoat – Staying indoor is indeed not the solution but whenever you are stepping out of your home remember to carry an umbrella or raincoat.
  • Skincare – Monsoon skincare is essential. Make sure your skin is dirt free and moisturised before you go to sleep.


  • Avoid eating street side food – Due to waterlogging and breeding of many diseases from such areas, it is highly advisable not to have food from roadside eateries during this season to keep yourself away from diseases. Heavy salty food must be avoided to reduce water retention and increase blood pressure.
  • Mosquito repellent – mosquitos, flies and insects are at rising inside the home during this season due to the dampness outside. Stay away from stagnant water that gives rise to many infectious diseases.
  • Avoid chilled food and drinks – Consuming refrigerated food items directly during this season can be harmful which may lead to respiratory allergies.
  • Avoid air-conditioned room – After getting wet one should not directly enter AC room. Doing so can lead to severe cold, fever and headache.

As the monsoon showers delight you, stay safe and enjoy the season, for now, you know the dos and don’ts.