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February 15 , 2018

“Catch early-treat early” by Dr.Yousuf Khan

Diabetes has become a global epidemic.diabetes is the new “normal” today. It costs billions of dollars to the exchequer globally. Prevalence of diabetes is higher in urban areas and metros compared to rural areas. Rapid changes in our lifestyle and constant stress is a major contributor in India, the prevalence of diabetes is an alarming 15 % in metros like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi etc.. and is increasing day by day. The best way to prevent diabetes is to screen periodically and diagnose the condition early so that associated complications can be prevented.
The periodic screen of the general population is vital bcoz majority of diabetics do not have any symptoms at all. Very few patients have classical symptoms of increased thirst, urine, hunger, and loss of weight.some may have symptoms like excess fatigue, tingling numbness of hands and feet, non-healing wounds, recurrent skin and urine infections. Screening becomes even more important in special groups like people with H/O gestational diabetes or a strong family history. Consultation with a Diabetologist or Endocrinologist should be done at the earliest so that appropriate treatment can be started. “Catch early-treat early” is the mantra to prevent mortality and morbidity associated with diabetes.