Thyroid Specialist in Hyderabad
Thyroid Specialist in Hyderabad Thyroid Specialist in Hyderabad

Best Thyroid Specialist in Hyderabad

Who is a Thyroid Specialist?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland situated at the base of the neck. There are various thyroid-related problems, and they can be functional or structural. A medical professional such as an endocrinologist who deals with thyroid-related issues is known as a thyroid specialist. A thyroid specialist has done 3 years of post-MD training in endocrinology. It can be DM/DNB in Endocrinology. They are trained in dealing with a variety of challenging thyroid-related problems. Endocrinologists play an important role in treating thyroid-related diseases. If required, he will coordinate with radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, pathologists, ENT surgeons, and endocrinologists. 

At Magna Centre, an advanced centre for obesity, diabetes, and endocrinology, we have a team of the best and most expert thyroid specialist in Hyderabad.

When to See a Thyroid Specialist?

When there is a complicated thyroid problem, your general care provider will refer you to a specialist. If you have any of the parameters deranged in the thyroid function test, you can meet our best thyroid specialist in Hyderabad. Different symptoms indicate different types of thyroid such as:

  • Symptoms like unexplained weight loss, palpitations, tremors, excessive sweating, and protruding eyeballs are suggestive of Hyperthyroidism. 
  • When there is excessive weight gain, dry skin, excessive sleepiness, hair fall, irregular periods, or recurrent pregnancy loss, hypothyroidism should be ruled out. 
  • If you have swelling in the lower part of the anterior neck, it can be due to Goitre. 

Sometimes, there can be incidental detection of nodules in the thyroid gland when you do imaging for other reasons. If you have any of the above symptoms/ signs, meeting the best thyroid specialist is better.

What are the Treatments Offered by A Thyroid Specialist in Hyderabad?

When your thyroid levels fluctuate, you should meet the thyroid specialist to identify the cause and get an appropriate solution. 

  • Hyperthyroidism may be due to different etiologies, and treatment will depend on the etiology. Your thyroid specialist will help identify the disease's exact cause and try to give appropriate treatment. The therapy may be medical, radioiodine ablation, surgery, or a simple observation. 
  • Hypothyroidism management requires delicate adjustments of the thyroxine doses to have optimal control. This is particularly important in newborns, growing age, pregnant ladies, and older people. 
  • Thyroid nodules require effective decision-making, whether to undergo surgery, radiofrequency ablation, or simple follow-up. The thyroid specialist will help you make the decision and guide you accordingly. 

You should book a consultation with our adept thyroid specialist in Hyderabad for the most effective solution.

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Thyroid Specialist?

Thyroid specialists are physicians trained in MD Internal Medicine and then DM/DNB endocrinology. If you are looking for the best thyroid specialist in Hyderabad, look for the doctor's degrees. A thyroid specialist will be an endocrinologist with DM/DNB in Endocrinology mentioned after their name. For Surgical Endocrinologists, MCh/DNB Endocrine surgery would have been mentioned. You can consult with our expert thyroid specialists at Magna Centre. 

What Conditions Do Thyroid Specialists Treat?

A skilled thyroid specialist deals with most of the thyroid disorders. They treat congenital hypothyroidism, which is the low functioning of the thyroid gland in the newborn. Early screening, evaluation, and treatment are crucial for a baby’s mental health and growth development. Endocrinologists' role in treating juvenile hypothyroidism is immense, as appropriate treatment is essential for kids' growth. 

All types of other forms of hypothyroidism, like primary hypothyroidism, secondary hypothyroidism, and hypothyroidism in pregnancy, postpartum and the elderly, are treated by a specialist. Diagnosing hyperthyroidism requires appropriate evaluation. It involves proper diagnosis and a treatment plan according to the diagnosis.

Hyperthyroidism During Pregnancy- Hyperthyroidism management during pregnancy is very vital as it may affect both mother and fetus. Periodic evaluation, assessment for drugs, appropriate monitoring, and dose adjustments are essential in managing hyperthyroidism during pregnancy. Magna Centre has the best thyroid specialist in Hyderabad and will coordinate with an obstetrician, radiologist, and neonatologist for smooth pregnancy outcomes. 

Other Conditions- The thyroid specialist will also deal with goitre, thyroid nodules, and malignancy. Other rare entities like ectopic thyroid, thyroglossal cyst, thyroid hormone resistance, and factitious thyrotoxicosis will also be handled effectively by endocrinologists. Sometimes, patients may present with thyroid emergencies like hypothyroid encephalopathy, thyrotoxicosis crisis, Tachyarrhythmias, and Hasimotos encephalopathy. Our thyroid specialist is an anchor in managing these emergencies, other specialties, and the ICU team.

Can I see a Thyroid Specialist Without a Referral?

Yes, obviously, if you suspect or have thyroid-related problems, you can meet a thyroid specialist directly or via referral from the primary care physician. Proper diagnosis, appropriate investigations, assessing the need for treatment, and the exact dosage of medications may need input from the thyroid specialist. So, if you have thyroid problems persisting or fluctuating a lot, you can seek the help of a thyroid specialist. Your primary care provider may refer you if there is any difficulty in decision-making or the patient needs any intervention. You can visit Magna Centre to consult the best thyroid specialist in Hyderabad. Our centre is equipped to provide all emergency assistance.

How is a Thyroid Specialist Different from a Regular Doctor?

Thyroid specialists are trained specially for managing endocrine-related disorders. They are prepared for 3 years after their 6 years of training in MBBS and 3 years of training in MD/DNB Internal Medicine. During the residency, they are exposed to managing different thyroid disorders. This varies from simple thyroid disorders like goitre and hypothyroidism to thyroid-related emergencies. As they are exposed to varying types of cases,

they can easily handle difficult-to-treat thyroid cases. Thyroid-related disorders in pregnancy can be challenging most of the time. It requires proper diagnosis, decision-making for the treatment requirement, and proper monitoring. 

Magna Centre, an advanced centre for Obesity, Diabetology and Endocrinology, is home to skilled and top thyroid specialist in Hyderabad who have got adequate training for this. They are the appropriate persons to handle this kind of situation. Book a consultation now to avail of the benefits. 

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