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Consultant Urologist, MBBS, MS general surgery

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About Dr. Vishnubhotla Sasanka

He is a graduate of the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, Pune(AFMC), where he secured gold medals in General Surgery and Ophthalmology (With a distinction from Pune University). He received his subsequent training in general surgery and urology from Chennai.He has vast experience in Endo-Urological Procedures for urinary stone diseases and diseases of Prostate.He has further received advanced training in Andrology and is well versed in the treatment of male infertility and erectile dysfunction.His research interests include Sperm factors causing male subfertility

Education and Experience

17 years of experience


MS general surgery

He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the male and female urinary tract and of the male reproductive system. He focuses on the kidneys, uterus, urethra, urinary bladder, and all male reproductive organs.

DNB urology - Genito urinary surgery

Awards and Recognitions

  • Examining, diagnosing, and treating patient conditions and disorders of the genitourinary organs and tracts.

  • Documenting and reviewing patients' histories.Ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic tests.

  • Using specialized equipment, such as X-rays, fluoroscopes, and catheters.

  • Performing abdominal, pelvic, or retroperitoneal surgeries when necessary.

  • Treating lower urinary tract dysfunctions.Prescribing and administering antibiotics, antiseptics, or compresses to treat infections or injuries.

  • Prescribing medications for patients with erectile dysfunction, infertility, or ejaculation problems.

  • Providing Urology consultations or referring patients to specialists.

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