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November 12 , 2018

Your Body is Telling You Something About Vitamins – Pay Attention

Vitamins are a crucial component in the body’s nutrition and a diet that is deficient in nutrition makes the body respond in a variety of unpleasant ways.

Hair and nails turning brittle.

Possible deficiency: Vitamin B

If the quantity of folate better know as folic acid goes down, the immediate impact is seen on hair and nails. Hair typically start starts to become thin and brittle and nails start to crack.

This is a common problem among “fitness freaks”, who tend to cut out carbohydrates in their goal of losing weight.

If you are one of those who start to experience these symptoms, don’t fret. A cup of raw spinach or cooked asparagus can take care of your needs.

Mouth Ulcers

Possible deficiency: Vitamin B12

B12 deficiency can cause the sides of the mouth to crack and blister. This is typically a problem with vegetarians.

The main source of B12 is red meat and eggs and as a vegetarian, this can be a challenge. Some of it can be compensated through non-dairy milk, cereal or nutritional yeast.

Bleeding Gums

Possible deficiency: Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a huge role in healing of wounds and increasing immunity.

A deficiency results in cell damage and weakening of the gums. Extreme loss or deficiency can cause bleeding of the gums, losing of teeth and even Scurvy.

Regular intake of vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits can help avoid these conditions.

Night blindness

Possible deficiency: Vitamin A

The body fulfils its Vitamin A requirements from green and yellow leafy vegetables.

A reduction in the intake or prolonged absence in Vitamin A leads to reduction in the production of rhodopsin – a retinal pigment that enables the eyes to see at night. A reduction of this pigment can eventually lead to night blindness.

Although rare in developed countries, Vitamin A deficiency needs to be treated in the early stages of its development.


Possible Deficiency: Vitamin B3, B2, B6

Dandruff and other scalp related disorders may be caused by many factors with poor nutrition being one of the important ones.

This causes the scalp to become oily and flaky and causes intense skin irritation.

The best counter is to ensure foods rich in niacin, riboflavin and pyridoxine such as whole grains, poultry, meat and fish.


Possible deficiency: Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency manifests as chronic fatigue despite getting adequate sleep.

The sufferer finds himself/herself tired all the time and should opt for medical advice.

Doctors generally advise a regular supplement in addition to a diet that is rich in D. This includes fortified dairy, almonds, certain types of fish and even mushrooms grown under UV light.

Bruises that don’t heal


Possible deficiency: Vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency can also cause bruises to not heal. Weakened capillaries can cause intense bruising and the sufferer can experience extreme distress.

Strawberries and mangoes are foods that along with the humble orange are foods rich in Vitamin C.



Possible Deficiency: Vitamin D

One of the more serious and less known symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency is depression. While there are several causes for depression, one of the more biologically induced ones is a D deficiency.

A trained medical practitioner will recommend getting plenty of exposure to sunlight, regular exercise and fortified dairy products.

To sum up

The human body gives a lot of information. The key is to listen carefully.

Following a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition can help avoid most Vitamin deficiencies but do not hesitate from consulting a physician if needed. Our trained medical experts at Magna Code are specialised in nutrition and hormone therapies. Beware, Be Safe.