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March 23 , 2019

Should Diabetics Eat Small Frequent Meals? Myth Buster

Should Diabetics Eat Small Frequent Meals? Myth Buster

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Being a diabetic patient is already an inconvenience and when it is topped with people’s unsolicited advises, it becomes even more unbearable.

Everyone who advises us is trying to help in their way. But when these advises are not supported by any facts or proper research, it becomes a little risky for the patient to follow them.

To clear the air and give all the diabetic patients some strong ground to stand on,  Magna Code brings the answer to the biggest question every person with diabetes wants to know – Should Diabetics Eat Small Frequent Meals?

Diabetes and Meal Timing

To some extent, timing of the meal plays an important role in diabetes and weight management. Research suggests that eating regularly throughout the day can help to attain and maintain glycemic control. This Better Glycemic Control, also known as blood sugar control, can help improve your overall health as well as control diabetic complications.

Correlation of Meal Timing and Sleep

Sleep is the body’s time to rest and repair. If you’ve eaten a lot of food in the evening, it may affect healthy sleep cycles.If you have trouble sleeping, you’ll often be hungrier during the day as your body will be constantly searching for fuel when tired. Thus, keeping food intake regular throughout the day can help with the circadian rhythms and may help with optimal management of diabetes and health.

Compliment Meal Timing with Healthy Diet

It is rather important to eat healthier and nutritional food than to eat at just a particular time. For example, if you are going to eat six small meals in a day, but are opting for unhealthy foods, then it will obviously hamper your health. It is more important for diabetic patients to eat healthy foods that do not have adverse effect on their sugar levels.

Three Meals Vs Smaller, Frequent Meals

We all have been suggested at least once to eat four to six small but frequent meals throughout the day in order to stay healthy and have better control on diabetes or lose weight. And at the same time, we are suggest by some to have 3 meals and possibly a small snack or two. While there is no rigid answer to which eating pattern is the best, as different people have different metabolism and digestion patterns, it is advisable to consult your doctor or healthcare professional before making any alteration in your diet or eating regime.

There are many ways you can flow to keep your condition in control. But it is recommended to constantly consult healthcare experts in order to avoid complications.

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