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Diabetes Treatments

Basic minimum services offered to you under this program will be control of blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight as latest guidelines followed worldwide.

You will also be screened for any evidence of disease of eyes, kidneys, peripheral nerves, foot, heart or blood vessel that is quite common in patients with diabetes and may be silent.

Once your basic parameters are assessed, our doctors along with diabetes educators and nutritionist will chalk out a treatment plan tailor made to cater to your need, keeping your lifestyle and preferences in mind. Based upon your control, you will be asked to follow up once in 3 – 6 months interval. In case any complication related to diabetes is picked up in screening, you will be offered specialized treatment program.

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Diabetes affects both the baby and the mother during pregnancy. On one hand high blood sugar level (even slight) have deleterious effects on baby’s development, it is also associated increased complications in mother during pregnancy and labour.

Low blood sugar levels also lead to complications in the baby. Hence, a very fine balance of tight sugar control needs to be attained during pregnancy. We have designed this program for all those women who either develop diabetes first time during pregnancy or have pre- existing diabetes.

A complete clinical examination and appropriate tests will be conducted to assess the status of diabetes and its complications. Our doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educator will then advise you regarding your diet, exercise and medication and will closely monitor you through the pregnancy with the aim to achieve “healthy baby and healthy mother”.

Weight Management

Obesity is growing in an epidemic proportion in India as well as globally. Obesity is responsible for many medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, osteoarthritis and cancers to name a few. It is attributed to genetic predisposition of an individual that is further worsened by inappropriate life style. It can sometimes also occur as a result of hormonal imbalance such as in hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome etc. Obesity also makes it difficult to treat other disorders such as hypertension and diabetes. We at MagnaCODE offer a comprehensive weight management program for individuals with obesity.

This medically-based weight management program focuses on long-term lifestyle changes, not just short-term crash course diet. Cause for obesity will be assessed and investigated by the experts. This is a 3 months program for those with mild obesity and will extend to 6 months in those with more severe obesity. The Weight Management program includes:

  • Initially daily sessions in the first week followed by weekly learning sessions
  • Adjustments to diabetes medications to enhance weight reduction
  • A structured diet with regular food and meal replacements
  • Individualized exercise plan including Aerobics and Yoga

Foot Care Program

Patients with diabetes are particularly prone to develop foot problems such as corns, calluses, deformities and even ulcers and amputation. This program includes comprehensive examination of your foot for any problem or risk for future foot disease, education regarding practical aspects of foot care and prevention of foot complications with the emphasis of ‘taking care of your feet as you take care of your face’.

CODE foot care unit has state of the art facilities including monofilament testing, biothesiometry (VPT Test), Doppler Studies and Foot Scan. We also have in-house facility for manufacturing customized footwear and will help you in selection of correct footwear.

Specialized treatment options for longstanding non-healing wounds, peripheral arterial disease and leg swelling by our expert team of endocrinologist, podiatrist and foot surgeon are also available.

Growth Clinic

As Parents all of us would like our children to grow tall and fit. Many factors affect the growth and increase in height in children including nutrition, genetic and hormonal factors. However, Unfortunately none of the above factors assessed properly during the child’s growing age. Childhood obesity is a dangerous condition which pre-disposes to early development of diabetes and high-bp.

He Growth clinic is a clinic to ensure that your child is growing appropriately and to tackle childhood obesity and puberty related problems.

PCOS: Clinic For Weight & Hormonal Management

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Is a health problem, which can affect a woman’s:
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Ability to have children
  • Hormones
  • Heart
  • Blood vessels
  • Appearance
​ High levels of androgens. These are sometimes called male hormones, though females also make them.

Missed or irregular periods. ​

Many small cysts (fluid-filled sacs) in the ovaries.

​ The cause of PCOS is unknown. But most experts think that several factors, including genetics, could play a role. Women with PCOS are more likely to have a mother or sister with PCOS. ​

A main underlying problem with PCOS is a hormonal imbalance. In women with PCOS, the ovaries make more androgens than normal. Androgens are male hormones that females also make. High levels of these hormones affect the development and release of eggs during ovulation. ​

Many women with PCOS have too much insulin in their bodies because they have problem using it. Excess insulin appears to increase production of androgen. High androgen levels can lead to:
  • Acne
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Weight gain
  • Problems with ovulations
​ The diagnosis of PCOS is clinical. Diagnosis can be made with lab tests based on the history of irregular cycles and clinical features of excessive androgen effect. Tests are indicated for following reasons. a) Rule out other diagnoses b)Assess severity of disease.

Our clinic offers following lab tests and packages for PCOS. Please find below the what each of these test measure and why they are required in PCOS (highlighted in red). Typically the test need to be repeated annually to assess improvement/deterioration of the chronic condition of PCOS and overall hormone health.
  1. A TSH test measures the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in your blood. It tells the thyroid gland to make and release thyroid hormones into the blood. TSH if elevated also can present as PCOS.
  2. PRL-Prolactin - A prolactin test is a blood test that measures the level of the hormone in your body. Prolactin plays an important role in the reproductive health of both women and men. Its main role, however, is to stimulate the production of milk in women after childbirth. High prolactin outside of lactation also can trigger infrequent menses like PCOS.
  3. Testosterone total - The total testosterone test measures testosterone that is bound to proteins in the blood. This hormone is characteristically high in PCOS.
  4. LH - The LH blood test measures the amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) in blood. LH is a hormone released by the pituitary gland, located on the underside of the brain. LH levels are high in lean women with PCOS.
  5. FSH - The follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) blood test measures the level of FSH in blood. FSH is a hormone released by the pituitary gland, located on the underside of the brain. In women, FSH helps manage the menstrual cycle and stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs. The test is used to help diagnose impending menopause or early stoppage of menses.
  6. Fasting plasma Glucose - A blood glucose test measures the amount of a sugar called glucose in a sample of your blood. Women with PCOS are at high risk of Diabetes and the test helps determine if they are in fact already having diabetes.
  7. Lipid Profile - The lipid profile is used as part of a cardiac risk assessment to help determine an individual's risk of heart disease and to help make decisions about what treatment may be best if there is borderline or high risk.
  8. HbA1c - The term HbA1c refers to glycated haemoglobin. It develops when haemoglobin, a protein within red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body, joins with glucose in the blood, becoming 'glycated'.HbA1C is again done to find out if you have diabetes or you are at risk of diabetes.

SEXOLOGY - We have the Best Sexologist in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Sexual endocrinology has contributed decisively to the development of sexology. Effects of most recent findings in neuroendocrine research on the development of terminology in sexology, sex therapy and sex legislation are discussed.

Hormonal imbalances are very much due to our current lifestyles and statistics show a steady rise in such problems. Another aspect of our health that is suffering due to changing lifestyles is our sexuality. Due to today’s hectic lifestyle, poor nutrition, stress and other factors, people have been found to have sexual problems.

Sex is a normal human emotion and a basic biological need. A healthy sexual life is of paramount importance for a healthy body. Erectile dysfunctions and anorgasmia are seen to be common sexual problems in sexually active individuals.

A sexologist is an expert in the study of human sexuality – human sexual interests, functions and behaviours. A sexologist in Hyderabad will understand the sexual problems of individuals, their underlying reasons and will prescribe treatment options which include counseling and medication.

Sex is still a subject most people are not comfortable speaking about. And yet, due to its immense importance in our lives, it is essential to have a specialized expert with whom an individual can share his/her problems and get authentic advice.

Our current lifestyles have created a host of various problems for our bodies. It is time to respond to the faint signals our bodies give us and appreciate their need to be cared for and looked after. When the signals come, it is time to talk to the experts at Magnacode Healthcare Center.

Almost all sex related problems are curable through the right combination of counseling and medication. Unfortunately the majority of people who suffer from sexual problems do so in silence and never take help of properly qualified medical personnel. The result is ruined relationships, divorce, loss of self confidence and self esteem and increased level of stress. This is totally AVOIDABLE.

We at MagnaCODE have the Best Sexologist in Chennai,Bangalore and Hyderabad understand that talking about and seeking a solution for your sex related problem can be embarrassing and intimidating and that is why we 100% GAURANTEE YOUR PRIVACY. Your details will NEVER be shared with any third party.

Our Teatments:
  • Ejaculatory Problems
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Male infertility
  • Female sex problems
  • Male sex problems
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) / Impotence
  • Depression
  • Desire problems / HSDD
  • Genital Pain
  • Estrogen (high levels)
  • Androgen insufficiency / hypogonadism / low testosterone
  • Anti-depressants / SSRIs
  • Arterial insufficiency
  • Dihydrotestosterone (high/low levels)
  • Female Partner's Sexual Dysfunction
  • Orgasm Problems
  • Prolactin (high levels)
  • Pelvic / perineal trauma
  • SHBG (high levels)

Erectile Dysfunction(ED), also call as Impotence, is the inability to get and maintain sufficient erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It is common in older age in men. It is estimated that half of all men between age of 40-70 are suffering from ED to some extent. Erectile Dysfunction Is Totally Treatable.

Unfortunately majority of men suffering from Impotence will never approach a sexologist to talk about their problem, because they are uncomfortable talking about their inability to maintain erection during sexual intercourse. You don't have to go through prolonged pain and anguish.

MagnaCODE (Best Sexologist in chennai,Bangalore and Hyderabad) expert sexologist and M.D Endocrinologist's have formulated and perfected a mix of counseling and medication to help over 10000 men of all ages beat Impotence. They now lead sexually gratifying lives with their spouse or partner ( Limp Erections are a thing of the past for them).


Premature Ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems faced by men today. It is characterized by a man ejaculating very soon during sexual intercourse; it creates a problem if the ejaculation occurs before or just after sexual intercourse begins. This is a very frustrating problem for men and can cause dissatisfaction not only for himself but also for his partner. It can lead to negative consequences for their relationship such as stress and loss of intimacy between the partners. Men who suffer from this condition usually feel loss of self confidence and low self esteem. Another problem that it can cause is problems with fertility, some couples may find it very hard to conceive and have children, if it is is not treated properly. The causes of P.E. include erectile dysfunction, anxiety about sexual performance, relationship problems, abnormal hormone levels, certain types of thyroid problems and abnormal levels of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals).

Fortunately this problem is treatable and at MagnaCODE (Best Sexologist in chennai,Bangalore and Hyderabad) we take pride in our record of successfully treating our patients. The treatment consists of identifying both the psychological as well as physical factors of each individual case and treating them with one or a combination of counseling, different sexual techniques and medication to relieve them of this embarrassing problem.


Male infertility or the inability for a man to have child is on the rise in India. The reasons for this condition can include various things including hormonal imbalance, reduction of sperm count, testicular injuries, obesity and bad lifestyle choices like abuse of drugs, excessive intake of alcohol and unhealthy eating habits.

The strain and anxiety that male infertility causes in a marriage can lead to problems not only in their relationship but can also lead to tension in the family in general. The person suffering from this condition can often feelp humiliated and depressed, and the pressure he feels due to his family and friends can sometimes lead him to seek help from dubious sources like medical quacks etc and spend large amounts of money on treatment that is ineffective and in some cases be harmful to his health.

We at MagnaCODE (Best Sexologist in chennai,Bangalore and Hyderabad) specialize in treating male infertility by using non surgical and non invasive methods. We have successfully treated scores of patients become fathers with the help of counselling and medicines.

Our treatment ensures faster recovery time and typical results or improvements start showing often after the first month of the treatment itself in most cases.

Your Privacy is 100% Guaranteed.


We are Providing Consultation, Knowledge and Treatments for the Followings:

  1. LOSS OF LIBIDO (This is a Condition in which Female is able to have Sex But Don't want to have Sex, Low Sex Desire)
  2. LACK OF ENJOYMENT DURING INTERCOURSE (The Condition where Female is not in Position to Enjoy the Act of SEX)
  3. DRYNESS OF VAGINA DURING INTERCOURSE (Dryness in Female's Vagina at time of Act of Sex)
  4. ABSENT ORGASM in Female
  5. LACK OF CONFIDENCE (The Condition where Female Feels afraid of Sex)
  6. SEXUAL DEPRESSION ( It is A Mental State in which, an Female who Considers Her Sexuality is as Boring, Passive and Gloomy )
  7. SEXUAL APATHY (It is Totally Unconcerned attitude of a Female for Sex towards Her Partner)
  8. Sex Counseling for a Female and Couple
  9. How to Have First Sex Knowledge and Tips for a Female and Couple
  10. LOSS OF LIBIDO (This is a Condition in which Female is able to have Sex But Don't want to have Sex, Low Sex Desire)Tips to Improve Sex Life for a Female and Couple
  11. Fear due to Negative Attitude of a Female about Sex
  12. Premarital Sex Problems of a Female
  13. Sex Problems of a Female after Marriage
  14. Resolving Sex Related Myths of a Female
  15. Hesitation in Female from Having Sex
  16. How can a Female Improve Sex Life with Exercise
  17. Weakness after Sex or Masturbation in a Female
  18. Lack of Confidence in a Female due to Sex Problems
  19. Burning in Female's Vagina after Sex or Masturbation
  20. We Try our Level Best to Help our Patients to Have the Best Possible Sex Life.

You are not alone! Most men will face some kind of sexual health related problems sometime or another in their life.

The bad news is that the feeling of inadequacy and insecurity coupled with not knowing from whom to seek help for treating these problems regarding your sexual performance in bed, can lead you to feel shame and embarrassment and cause frustration in your relationship with your wife or partner and eventually lead you to lose self-confidence and may even cause depression in some cases.

Men's sexual health problems include the following:

Erectile Dysfunction: The inability to get or maintain a solid erection of the penis (lose erection).

Premature Ejaculation: Getting discharged (ejaculating semen) before or very soon after starting sexual intercourse. This can also happen when a man is sexually aroused or even during masturbation.

Nightfall: The involuntary ejaculation of sperm during sleep in the night or in the early hours of the morning.

Penis Size: A lot of men are concerned about the size of their penis. Most of these are due to the myths surrounding the issue in todays day and age. While the majority of men are endowed with a size which is more than enough to sexually satisfy their partner; a few cases exist which require treatment for enlargement of penis and there are some viable options which are available for this.

Excessive Masturbation: Even though masturbation is a very healthy and natural sex outlet and requires no treatment except for moderation of the habit, in some cases it may be a problem if it becomes obsessive and highly frequent.

Spermatorrhea (Dhat): This is a condition in which there is an abnormal release of semen without any sexual activity.

Loss of Libido: The loss of sexual desire in men is becoming increasingly common today due to the stress of hectic lifestyle and other reasons like erectile dysfufunction, premature ejaculation and disharmony in the relationship etc.

Suffering from any of these problems can overwhelm you and make you feel as if you cannot come out of it.

But the Good News is that they can be treated in the vast majority of the cases.

All you need to do is avoid the hype created in the market especially on the internet and TV and newspaper ads about a lot of quick fix products that proclaim to enhance your sex life but in the end achieve nothing except you spending a lot of money for no results.

And more importantly you just need to get treatment or counselling from a fully qualified professional who knows what he is doing; not only in terms of the physical aspects of the problem but also the emotional implications it poses and has a track record of successfully treating his patients

This is where I can help you. We have successfully treated hundreds of men just like you and helped them overcome their sexual problems; got them to live a much more exciting and fulfilling sex life with their partner.

These men have regained their confidence and vigour in bed and in many instances have saved their marriage or relationship in the process.

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