Scientific Agenda

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  • 3rd February
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Time Topics Speakers
Session 1a. Chairpersons: Dr Ata Ullah, Dr Vasundhara, Dr Ravi Muppidi
10:00 Charcot Foot: The Latest Dr Srinivas S
10:20 Alpha Glucosidase inhibitors: The Chupa Rustoms Dr Ashok Venkatanarasu
10:40 Documentation of the doctor patient interaction Dr Ashish Chauhan
Session 1b: Panel discussion: Panelists : Dr Kiran Ganga, Dr Ravi Muppidi, Dr Shanmugasundar
11:00 Panel: Having one's own Diabetes set up Dr Yousuf Khan (coordinator)
Tea Break
Session 2a: Chairpersons : Dr Vimal Upreti, Dr Subhash Babu, Dr Umesh B
11:40 Strategies for Insulin Intensification Dr Manoj Chawla
12:00 SGLT2i and DPP4i. Case for synergism in all patients with type 2 diabetes Dr Rajiv Kovil
Session 2b: Chairpersons: Dr RP Mathur, Dr BK Sahay, Dr Balraj
12:20 Hypothyroidism: not always easy to manage Dr R Santosh
12:40 Basal insulin plus GLP1a: is this the future? Dr Rajesh Rajput
Session 3a: Chairpersons: Dr Ganesh HK, Dr Gurbachan Singh, Dr Ravikumar
14:00 Plenary: Cushing's syndrome. What a physician should know? Dr Prasun Deb
14:30 HCQS in the management of pathophysiology of diabetes Dr Shanmugasundar
Session 3b: Chairpersons: Dr Ramana Boddula, Dr Lilly Rodriguez, Dr Sarika Pandya
14:50 Secondary Hypertension: When to suspect and workup Dr Neelaveni
15:10 Approach to Hyponatremia Dr Vimal Upreti
Session 4a: Chairpersons: Dr Sudhakar Rao, Dr Abubaker, Dr RS Saluja
15:50 The Three GLP1a: Competitors or do they have individual patient profiles? Dr Sambit Das
16:10 SGLT2i: Are all the controversies put to rest? Dr Shriram Mahadevan
Session 4b: Chairpersons: Dr GC Reddy, Dr JP Sai, Dr Shabhnam Bakshi
16:30 The History of Sulfonylureas. Proof of their robustness Dr Rakesh Sahay
16:50 Interesting cases of secondary diabetes Dr Shalini
Session 5a: Chairpersons: Dr K Shankar, Dr Badrinarayana, Dr Shriram Mahadevan
17:30 Plenary: Have CVOTS changed prescription practices? Dr Matthew John
18:00 Primary Hyperparathyroidism: diagnosis and management Dr R N Mehrotra
Session 5b: Chairpersons: Dr J Srikanth, Dr Arun Bajaj, Dr Sambit Das
18:20 Debate: Hypoglycemia with SU makes it a case for late or no use
Hypoglycemia with SU is overrated
DI r Anantharaman
DI r Prasun Deb
18:50 Debate: Pioglitazone should be used for the rare patient only
Pioglitazone can be an option for patients with type2 DM
Dr Ravi Padala
Dr Ravishankar E
20:00 DINNER
Time Topics Speakers
Session 1c: Chairpersons: Dr Deepa Agarwal, Dr Shanmugasundar
10:00 Day to Day practice: Deciphering patient code Dr Chanukya GV
10:20 Fruits and Diabetes Namrata Torani
Session 1d: Chairpersons: Dr Seetharam, Dr Vasanth Kumar
10:40 Diabetic Dyslipidemia Dr Datta Reddy
11:00 Solitary Thyroid nodule. Approach Dr Karthik
Corporate session 1: Chairpersons: Dr Seetharam, Dr Vasanth Kumar
12:00 Real world evidence with DPP4i Dr Manoj Chawla
Corporate Session 2: Chairpersons: Dr VK Bhargava, Dr Shivashankar
17:30 Time2DoMore in Diabetes: Regional findings of a National Survey Dr Ganesh HK
18:00 EMPRISE and CARMELINA Dr Rajesh Rajput
Corporate session 3: Chairpersons: Dr NG Sastry, Dr Madhu C
18:30 DECLARE TIMI Dr Rajiv Kovil
19:00 Practicalities with insulin initiation and dose titration Dr Arun Mukka
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Time Topics Speakers
Session 6a: Chairpersons: Dr Manjula A, Dr Kameshwari, Dr Amruta Saluja
10:00 Calcium: Universal Suplementation vs Careful Prescription Dr Harikumar
10:20 Disorders of Sexual Differentiation: Nutshell Dr Sri Nagesh
Session 6b: Chairpersons: Dr Padmini Shilpa, Dr Anisha Gala, Dr Hima Deepti
10:40 Diagnosis of dysglycemia in different stages of pregnancy Dr. Ravi Padala
11:00 Oral antidiabetics in GDM Dr Matthew John
Session 7a: Chairpersons: Dr Durga Rao, Dr Narmada, Dr Harichandana
11:40 Induction of fertility in men with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism Dr Sudhakar Reddy
12:00 Hyperprolactinemia: How long should cabergoline go on? Dr Anil Bhansali
Session 7b: Chairpersons: Dr Priyamvada Reddy, Dr Suseela, Dr Surekha
12:20 SC Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy. Consensus Dr AG Unnikrishnan
12:40 Challenges in managing thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy Dr Anil Bhansali
Session 8a: Chairpersons: Dr Sasikala K, Dr Vinetha, Dr Jasmin Bakshi
13:50 Approach to precocious puberty Dr Sambit Das
14:10 Work Life Balance Dr R Santosh
Session 8b: Chairpersons: Dr Fehmida Banu, Dr Jyotsna, Dr Vikramjeet Singh
14:30 Turner syndrome. Multidisciplinary approach Dr Vimal Upreti
14:50 CAH: Multidisciplinary approach Dr Shriraam Mahadevan
Session 9a: PANEL DISCUSSION: Panelists: Dr Shanmugasundar, Dr Manjula P, Dr Rajetha D, Dr Deepa Agarwal, Dr Durga Rao
15:30 PCOS Dr R Santosh (coordinator)
Session 9b: Chairpersons: Dr Manjula P, Dr Rajetha D
16:00 Improving Emotional Quotient over and above Intelligence Quotient Dr Prasun Deb
Session 9c: Chairpersons:Dr Ambuja, Dr Rasya dixit, Dr Udai Kumar
16:20 Gender identity disorder. Approach and experience Dr Anantharaman
16:40 Keto Diet Panchayat: Constructive Debate and Consensus For: Dr KD Modi, Dr Yashpal Gogate Against: Dr Karthik,
Dr Shanmugasundar
Vote of thanks
Time Topics Speakers
Session 6c: Chairpersons: Dr Vijay Shekhar Reddy, Dr Satish Ghanta, Dr Tejo Pratap
10:00 Growth Hormone therapy. Indications and Safety Dr KD Modi
10:20 Ambulatory glucose profile and Continous Glucose monitoring Systems Dr Rakesh Sahay
Session Session 6d: Chairpersons: Dr Tarakeshwari, Dr Jayesh Shah, Dr Harikishan
10:40 Insulin pump: Improvement in quality of management of diabetes DI r RN Mehrotra
11:00 Type 1 Diabetes. Management prenatal, antenatal and intranatal Dr AG Unnikrishnan
Session 7c: Chairpersons: Dr Rajetha D, Dr Vidya Rao, Dr Sravya, Dr Manjula A
11:40 Early menopause. To HRT or not to HRT Dr Hari Kumar
12:00 GLP1a. Pleotropic effects which help OBGy and Dermats Dr Ganesh HK
Session 7d: Chairpersons: Dr Vimala Manne, Dr Mubasheer, Dr Lakshmi Sharada
12:20 Hirsutism. Investigations and medical management Dr Yashpal Gogate
12:40 OCPs. How safe? How long? Dr Babul Reddy
Session 8c: Chairpersons: Dr Madhavi Reddy, Dr Syeda Nikhat, Dr Rekha
13:50 Interesting cases of Skin involvement in Endocrine illness Dr Beatrice Anne
14:20 Metformin in the management of PCOS across its spectrum Dr Lakshmi Lavanya
Session 8d
14:50 Free Papers