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May 04 , 2016

There is only one concern on every parent’s mind since the time his or he baby is born i.e whether the baby will grow & develop healthy or not.

By “Growth & development”, we mean both the PHYSICAL & PYSCHOLOGICAL development of the child. Genetic make-up of the parents, nutrition, hormones, chronic illness, psychological, emotional factors, chromosomal & genetic abnormalities contribute towards the growth & development of a child.

Periodic health check-ups for growth & development of the child with early identification if there is any deviation from normal & prompt rectification are very important. Parental counseling about nutrition & other growth related issues so as to prevent preventable causes of growth related issues will go a long way in ensuring healthy growth of a child.

We, at MagnaCODE conceived the concept of “GROWTH CLINIC” to address the very same.

Our team, which consists of- “PEDIATRICIAN, NUTRITIONIST, PSYCHOLOGIST & AN ENDOCRINOLOGIST” will chart growth & assess development of a child at regular intervals, identifying deviations from normal growth & take prompt measures to rectify the problem.

We provide good guidance about Nutrition, Physical, Emotional & Psychological Development of the child.

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